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Hire A Dedicated Web Developer

Hiring temporary freelance designers or general media marketing companies might seem like tempting route to take, it will almost certainly cost you more in the long run.  Some things require a good investment in a trusted, dedicated company, and here’s why your web presence is one of those things:

Dedicated web development enhances your brand.

There’s really no way to work on a web presence without working on your company’s brand.  Your brand has an impact on everything from the look and feel of your website, to the content written for you, to the way your products and services are presented.  Usually, in order to maintain consistency, your other marketing endeavors will end up retaining the same look and feel.  Likewise, the design of your web presence will affect your brand, and can either enhance it or draw away from it, depending on how well the design is carried out.  That’s why working with a web site developer who “gets” the long-term vision for your brand will translate that to your web site and vice versa, which is something that a stream of random freelancers and general media marketing companies will have trouble replicating.

Dedicated web developers learn to love your brand as much as you do.

A funny thing happens when you work with a dedicated web developer—they usually invest so much time in your web presence that they end up becoming every bit as much of a protector of your brand as you are!

A dedicated web developer is focused on the bigger picture as it relates to your company and your brand.  They look at every prospective change through the eyes of what’s right for your company’s brand, not what can be quickly implemented to make a quick buck.  To the dedicated web developer, custom web design is a process of enhancement, not expediency.

Dedicated web developers are more efficient.

Your web site is like any other application: It has its own code, its own applets, and it interacts with other sources and widgets in order to accomplish various tasks.  As a result, it grows and changes over time.

If you work with a succession of short-term web developers or a large marketing company on a custom web design, it’s going to take them a lot more time than a dedicated, smaller developer to make changes because they’ll have to familiarize themselves with the existing site, code, and functions before they can make any changes.  This also opens the door for information and changes getting missed or construed.  (Plus, the bigger your site is, the more time they’ll have to spend making sense of it.)

Dedicated web developers not only protect your brand, they protect your site by taking the time to speak one-on-one with you for all development and changes.  Be sure to hire a professional web site company who will help you strengthen your brand and your overall web site design and marketing plan.

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