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A bias and accurate explanation on who to choose for your online marketing

Well, it’s January 2020 and it seems like the amount of companies offering online marketing increases weekly.   There are a myriad of places to choose from.   You could go the DIY route, spend $20 a month, do it all yourself and hope for the best.   There’s places online that’ll do it for any dollar amount you can think of, often times these places have no customer service and might even be outsourcing critical components to an overseas department of people that don’t really truly understand your business or what you need.   Then of course there are companies in your backyard (such as ourselves) offering professionally developed web sites, SEO, pay-per-click ads and more.   We’ve been developing websites and helping businesses grow for over 15 years now.    There are competitors who charge more, there are those who charge less.   We don’t try to be the lowest or highest price, we price ourselves based on the value we provide in the services we deliver.   There are a lot of obvious advantages to hiring a dedicated internet professional.  In the case of QC Total Tech, we’re only “selling” you services that you can measure, see the results first hand and know if it’s working or not.    Then there are newspapers, radio stations, phone books, etc.   that are just trying to sell “packages” with long term monthly contracts, all these services and low-performing ads that get you lots of the wrong clicks.   Their only goal is to increase their sales numbers, and sell some ad inventory.   A dedicated internet professional has no inventory to sell and only makes money on the services you choose that all have the single goal of growing your business.  You may think these media companies have been around for 30+ years, have a big name and surely must be the best…sadly this is not always the case.  You’re engaging with a large corporation that has reps that change monthly selling you templated products, low quality content and the techs making it all happen aren’t dedicated to you, they’re cycling between work orders and most likely will leave their company as soon as something better comes along.   We’re bias, so of course we think we’re better…but we’re also right with everything we’ve pointed out here.   Something to think about if you’re indecision on how to select a company to help you grow and take you to the next level.

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