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Out of Control With Your Business

Being in control of every aspect of your business is obviously critical.  There are areas where you’re not as in control as you think.  A perfect example of this is Social Media, if your company relies on a Facebook page…then suddenly without warning Facebook disables a feature, shuts down your page because they change their guidelines, etc.   You have very little control, and very little power to get that back.  Social Media profiles are just free rental of a web page, it’s not yours, you don’t own it, and you have no real power there.  Many businesses, especially those that are consumer facing, have a Facebook page they rely on heavily.  What happens if that pages goes away?   You always want to maintain control over the methods in which you communicate with your clientele, having your own web site and app allows you to maintain complete control over at least part of your online presence.   Does this mean don’t recommend Social Media?  Of course not, Social Media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but it should only be one method…your customers should always have a “home base” they can refer to and find you.   Your website is one of the few things you have 100% control and ownership of online, it should be the hub to your wheel of your businesses online presence.

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