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Do you actually need a web site?  Being a web designer, this is where you would expect me to say "Yes, everyone needs a web site, duh!".  But, I'm not going to.  I know that might come off as a shock, not everyone needs a web site.  A lot of companies/organizations do, but some can benefit from simply being on the web, just having that web presence makes a huge impact.  A couple of years ago I would have disagreed with my statement above.  The fact of the matter is, the internet landscape has changed, mainly due to social networking and the public splash pages available. We're in an industry where we are used to making all our money upfront on constructing vibrant new web sites, now thats simply not enough, or not the right course of action.  Most businesses need

AOL is still alive, they've released a smart phone app for android on their newly revamped mobile site. Does anyone really still use AOL?  We're as surprised as you are.  Over a decade ago AOL was number 1, they missed the boat when they didn't strive to take their dial-up GUI interface to a total web based solution that could have been bigger than FaceBook.  Anyway, we just found it amusing they're still out there and trying to make it work. It looks like AOL is taking the route that Sega did.  For years Sega was known as a game console/software company, and then later just turned to software.  Now they make a great slew of games for multiple platforms, primarily Wii.  I think AOL is smart in taking this route.  In this industry you have to adapt, you have to be

In case you have not already noticed, Google has released a new version of their image search.  Now you can have up to 1,000 images on one single screen!  This new search is very similar to Bing's image search.  There are some nice new features, when you click on an image it will display an informative page listing information about the image and the site it came from. Currently Google has indexed over 10 billion, yes with a b, images. Still think have photos on your web site is not important?  Think again.  People are looking. Check it out and have fun.

If you're not on Google Places, and listing all the information you can, you're missing out. Google Places funnels into Google Maps, GOOG411 and helps your search engine optimization (SEO). On your Google Places page you should be listing your logo, videos, coupons, customer testimonials, links back to your web site, all the relevant contact information and of course a description of what you do. Place a link to your Flickr account too. Happy Webbing -Jason

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