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According to the latest statistics, I figure there are about 4,267,000 Internet Explorer 6.0 users in North America.  Internet Explorer 6.0 (the latest version of Internet Explorer before it had tabs) is just a truly horrible piece of software.  Its so bad that Microsoft doesn't even support it anymore.  Why is it so dreadful?  It doesn't display pages properly, it requires so much extra effort and cost for web developers to accomodate and it has problems with JavaScript.  There is a whole campaign out there to stop Internet Explorer 6.0 altogether, they are encouraging web sites to detect the browser version and then stop the web site from working if you are using IE 6, now that sounds fun and cool, but its fairly unrealistic, but we have to consider the masses and what our customers need.  So, if you're

Over the course of this year I have noticed a trend, people are starting to use content from other sites to write their own.  When I ask about the content's source, the answer is always the same "There is so much out there, why re-invent the wheel?"  That is a fair thought track, however there's a big problem

April 1st marked our 4 year anniversary here at QC Total Tech and we want to thank all of our customers by offering a 20% discount on any and all web site development services for services that total in $1,500 or more, this offer does not include SSL certificates, hosting and domain registration. Thank you!

OK, I know its all over the web, but I just had to post because I'm that excited.  Yes, I truly am a geek.  I live and die by my iPhone when I'm not in front of my multiplex of monitors.  The new iPhone software will feature Cut, Copy and Paste, Push Technology, Enhanced Bluetooth features for software developers, a search function and MMS (picture and video messaging).  Finally!  I'm so glad, I cant wait for it to be released.  Anyway, you can find out more info on and

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