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There's a lot more to getting yourself out there than just having a web site.   You need to make sure you're linked on other sites, that your company has a FaceBook fan page, a Twitter account and you yourself are using LinkedIn.  You also need to keep all of those things updated with relevant information.  The more people that read your stuff the more people are seeing your name, seeing your logo, hearing your information and become aware of you.   If people aren't aware of you, why would they hire you, use your product or service?  They wouldn't.  Think of the big successful brands both local and national.   Everybody knows them, they've got commercials, bill boards, coupons in the mail, web sites, FaceBook pages, etc. What's that?  It sounds like a lot of work?  Well, yeah, it is,

OK, so FaceBook made their huge announcements this week with all their great new features for web sites.  In turn, they also made a lot of information available to any web site that asks.  I've seen a lot of posts on FaceBook over the last few hours telling everyone to shut off certain settings regarding personalization.  So, I thought I'd take a second to explain how this works and that you need not worry! FaceBook does provide information to any web site that asks FaceBook for it, about any person

There is a lot of talk out there about Social Media, what you may not understand is how to use Social Media with your own web site.  So we're going to give you some tips. First, in case you're not aware Social Media means the social networking sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn. In our experience, the best tools are FaceBook and Twitter, and in that order.  Before you setup these accounts/pages you need to have a purpose for them.  Simply getting everyone to be your fan on FaceBook and setting up a twitter account and following 6 million people won't do much for you.  Yes you need to get fans and followers but, more importantly you need a reason for them to want to see your updates.  You can use those tools to announce special offers, sales, new products

Just launched Avenue Rental, Inc.'s new web site.  When you need construction equipment, excavation, generators or just about anything you can think of check with Tom and Tina Voss at Avenue Rental.  They provide one of a kind service to the local area.   We just built them their very first web site, bringing a long established Quad Cities staple to the web for the first time. Be sure to check them out today.

Wow, 2009 has been one heck of a year and ends a rather crummy decade in the American culture.  Time Magazine referred to this decade as "The Decade from Hell". 2009 for us has been a real challenge, with all the spam law changes, copyright changes and the explosion of Social Media and its weight on web sites its been a roller coaster to just keep up.  But, we're at the end of the year, entering our 5th year in business and the outlook has never looked stronger.  We have many exciting new web sites and services that'll be rolling out in the first quarter and a lot of great new clients coming on board. A good friend of mine has just opened his new business, and it makes me recall when I started this company, I learned my knowledge from mistakes

So the BlackBerry systems are down, they've been down for hours.  I like many, thought it was just my BlackBerry until I talked to my fiance and low and behold hers was flaky too.  So I called Verizon, they told me that it was a "Research In Motion BlackBerry server issue, its been down this morning and they hope to resolve it soon, and there is no ETA". Comforting words, no ETA.  I've been in tech industry for a long time, and whenever no ETA is issued its for one of two reasons.  1.  You don't want to give false expectations and end up creating more problems or 2. You have no idea what the problem is, how you're going to fix and ulitmately how long your unknown fix will take. One thing I have always found that helps ease customer's

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