RIP 12Seconds and GOOG 411

All kinds of crazy things happening around the industry as this thing we call the web continues to expand and accelerate.

12 Seconds.TV12Seconds.TV, a very well done video blogging service announced they are terminating their service and the site is coming down.  12Seconds.TV was a great video blog service, it allowed you to record up to 12 seconds of video either VIA an upload or using your webcam and their on-page recording software.  The service integrated with other services such as Twitter, and it worked very well, if you like to video blog it was a very handy service.  Well, they announced plans to shut down on October 22, 2010 citing the inability to monetize that gave them their reasoning for the shutdown.  It was a bittersweet announcement.

Also, Google just announced they are putting the ax to 1-800-GOOG-411 their free US and Canadian business directory.  Google stated that everything they learned while developing the automated voice directory service laid the groundwork for their new voice recognition services that can be found on Android services.  Google also said that they will retain the text (SMS) portion of the service, so you’ll still be able to perform fast look ups by texting “GOOGLE” (466453) to get your information.

That’s it for my internet obituaries 🙂

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