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Google Relevancy

A question I get asked a lot is ‘How do I get listed in Google so everyone sees me?’.  The answer is the same for everyone, I tell everyone the same thing.  Its a simple concept, but its not easy to implement.  There are two components, your site and all the other sites that link to you.

  1. The Code: The site’s coding, using proper heading tags, ALT tags on the images
  2. Eternal Existence: A longer domain renewal length, its cheaper to buy 1 year at a time, but a longer domain renewal shows a more stable and established site.
  3. Need for Speed: High bandwidth server connection at a larger server ‘farm’, you want your site on a high-speed connection at a recognized server farm.  Google sees this and it shows your site is technically stable.
  4. Keyword Density:  This is probably the one you are the most familiar with, each page on your site should rich enough for your customers to enjoy and benefit from but should also be worded to the point that the phrases and words you need are listed together on the same pages.
  5. Get Fresh: Keep your site updated regularly, at least weekly, Google likes fresh content this shows that the site is more relevant to the user’s needs.  Google assumes the user wants the most up to date information…logical eh?  The best way to do this is to have a Blog and update your pages (probably with a CMS )
  6. Hook Up: Get your site listed on your personal blog, FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace.  You don’t have any of these?  These are for young socialites?  Wrong!  They are for everyone, you need to have them and you need to use them.  Think of it as broadcasting yourself to the world, the more sites that are linked to you and showing your content the more exposure you get and the better it helps your search engine rankings on Google.
  7. How: Now for some shameless self promotion, if you aren’t sure of these things or need help, please call us and we’ll be glad to help you out.  This is what we do, we live for the web and for you.

Howell Out.

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