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Search Engine Optimization

In case you have not already noticed, Google has released a new version of their image search.  Now you can have up to 1,000 images on one single screen!  This new search is very similar to Bing's image search.  There are some nice new features, when you click on an image it will display an informative page listing information about the image and the site it came from. Currently Google has indexed over 10 billion, yes with a b, images. Still think have photos on your web site is not important?  Think again.  People are looking. Check it out and have fun.

If you're not on Google Places, and listing all the information you can, you're missing out. Google Places funnels into Google Maps, GOOG411 and helps your search engine optimization (SEO). On your Google Places page you should be listing your logo, videos, coupons, customer testimonials, links back to your web site, all the relevant contact information and of course a description of what you do. Place a link to your Flickr account too. Happy Webbing -Jason

I got asked this question today, so I thought I would answer here for everyone. The question was "What is the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission?" Search Engine Submission is simply informing the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, Jayde, etc) that your site exists and then they will "Crawl" your web site and begin to list the pages in it's database. Search Engine Optimization is when your site's content, HTML structure, link popularity and other factors are reviewed and then adjusted accordingly to make sure you are popping up as high as possible under the various search terms someone would look your business up under. Happy Webbing.

OK, so I'm sure you've heard of Microsoft's Bing by now.  Bing is the replacement for Live Search which was the replacement for MSN Search.  So essentially is the 3G of Microsoft Search Engines.  Microsoft did not change the way that Bing acquires data/information from the web site it crawls (or scans).  So they're not really gaining better data or sites, unlike Google who is constantly changing and improving their search techniques.  Instead Microsoft just overhauled the user interface adding a lot of little whizz bang features and made it look a lot prettier than Google.  Naturally Microsoft is trying to themselves apart from Google, they're doing this by touting Bing as a decision engine instead of a search engine.  I've used it and personally I'm not impressed.  So, you don't need to worry about re-wording your copy and updating

If you are concerned at all about writing content for your blog or web site, know this: quality and quantity matter equally.The more often you write the better off you are and the quality matters too. Don't write an article simply so you have something new on your site, write something that matters and is worth reading. Think of your audience, would they want to spend time reading the information? The other thing to remember is, your ultimate goal is to communicate with your customers not simply to gain a higher ranking on Google. You are much better off writing a 1 paragraph article once a day than a 2 page article once a month.Keep your content relatively consistent, especially if its in a blog format. Don't jump around too much, if your content scope is too wide and varied

A question I get asked a lot is 'How do I get listed in Google so everyone sees me?'.  The answer is the same for everyone, I tell everyone the same thing.  Its a simple concept, but its not easy to implement.  There are two components, your site and all the other sites that link to you. The Code: The site's coding, using proper heading tags, ALT tags on the images Eternal Existence: A longer domain renewal length, its cheaper to buy 1 year at a time, but a longer domain renewal shows a more stable and established site. Need for Speed: High bandwidth server connection at a larger server 'farm', you want your site on a high-speed connection at a recognized server farm.  Google sees this and it shows your site is technically stable. Keyword Density:  This is probably the one you are the most familiar

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