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We have been incredibly busy here at QC Total Tech.  We've got 4 client web sites in production. Just launched 1 other and have been working aggressively on our project. We are really excited with some of the projects we are working on, and have ideas for many more of our own web sites.  We are trying to diversify and capitalize on a lot of ideas that been sitting on the shelf here for a long time. So much has changed in the web since we started this crazy ride 6 years ago, its hard to believe we have been at it that long.  It seems as though we opened our doors just yesterday.  It is always fun to look back at old sites and designs, its amazing how fast things change.  Technologies we consider a mainstay today were not even

We are based out of the Quad Cities (a fairly unique area comprised of about 5 cities, and several outlying smaller towns).  The Quad Cities (or QCA) as it's locally known,  represents just under 400,000 people.  One of the problems with our area is that everything is very fragmented, and because we're several communities all literally butted up against each other and in two different states we end up having unnecessary competition between communities, this creates the problem

Yes, I'm writing a blog article on blogs.  I get this question a lot, what is blog? Why do I need one?  If you've been following me long enough here you know that my articles in the scope of small businesses and small business owners.  So, this article follows suit.  A blog is great place to give your company or brand a culture, some personality and let people get to know you in ways they normally wouldn't.  Why is this important?  People are curious, and it builds trust, and it also further places you as an expert in your field. You can use your blog to vent your thoughts on your industry or market, provide tips and tidbits of knowledge to your avid readers, list promotions and new products or services. I love writing my blog, I slacked off for a bit,

April 1st marked our 4 year anniversary here at QC Total Tech and we want to thank all of our customers by offering a 20% discount on any and all web site development services for services that total in $1,500 or more, this offer does not include SSL certificates, hosting and domain registration. Thank you!

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