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Unless you have been living under a rock or have had your head stuck in the sand the last few years, you’re probably familiar with commercial and residential uses for drone footage and how drones (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - UAVs) have opened the door for the unique video content that was previously unavailable or too expensive to attain.Over the past couple years, we’ve seen how commercial drones have revolutionized major industries, and for this very reason, we are bringing you key insights in this field through a series of blogs. With drones, you can capture excellent process footage that would otherwise be impossible - or even dangerous - to record. Capturing shots that are in a way not possible for someone to see in the course of “normal life” is the ultimate goal. Aerial footage can accomplish this if done

We’re delighted to announce that our new and refreshed website is live!The updated site includes changes to navigation and increasing the visibility of our services.  We’ve also improved the structure of our content, so you’ll get more from a quick read.  There’s a whole host of smaller, but impactful changes, aiming to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our trusted and valued customers, business partners and prospective clients.Amongst the new features the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, to foster improved communication with the clients. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, articles, blogs, newsletters, company announcements and client successes in the News section.We invite you to view our fresh, new website.  We hope you like the changes, and if you have any feedback, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

QC Total Tech is honored to be chosen by the locals of the Quad Cities via “Locals Love Us” in Website Development for 2016.  It is very pleasing to know that locals do, in fact, love us.  After all …  we’re locals, too!Our pride in work well done is an effective reward, as is satisfying others so well that they take the time to vote for us, elevating our work from a good job to an impressive career and passion.If we don’t get others closer to where they want to be, we will loose clients in a hurry.  As it is, our clients’ success is our own and we find after over a decade we are quite successful and still growing.We live in a community made up of people who do not settle for less than the best from themselves

QC Total Tech is proud to announce that we have crossed another milestone in the history of our company.  Today our company will be celebrating 11 years in business.  We take this occasion to thank each of you.  Our success story remains incomplete without the support of our clients.  Due to loyal customers like you, our company has enjoyed many years of prosperity and we just can’t thank you enough.  We plan to keep our business and relations with you growing and continue to provide you with nothing less than the best.

Our Offices will be closed from 4:00 PM CT on Tuesday December 23, 2014 - Monday December 29, 2014 9:00 AM CT.Normal support will not be available during this time, however we are on-call 24x7 for all your emergency needs by calling 563-823-1114.  You can leave a voicemail if we do not answer, we will be notified and respond as soon as possible.Have a great Holiday Season!

We are pleased to announce a brand new service offering, Mobile App Design!  We've worked very hard developing this fantastic new service that is so affordable.  We have known for a while that a mobile app design was a gaping hole in what we provide.  So we decided it was time to put the wheels in motion and pack our toolbox with awesome new tools that allow us to keep your customers engaged in a bold new way.  You no longer have to be major corporation with a full-time dedicated staff and an unlimited budget to stay competitive.  So as of today our mobile app design service is fully operational!Yes its true not every business needs a mobile app, and we understand that, but many of you do, and what's more

Today marks the 8th anniversary of QC Total Tech!  Wow, 8 years, the time sure does fly when you're having fun.  When this company started it was just a small tech firm with 1 client, now we've grown to a countless number of clients and we're launching new sites all the time.  This year we're already on track to launch a record number of new web sites, not to mention continuing updates to a slew of others.We've seen so many changes in technology over the years and there's no sign of it slowing down.  We're always reading about and learning new technology.  This last year brought us the advent of Google Glass and the push down the road of wearable tech, I can only begin to imagine what that will for mean for all of us!  We've seen mobile usage

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